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activating Spell Number

I downloaded it, typed in "code" ( 9876543.21 OR 91929394.59) and nothing happened.
When I go to Settings, General, there are two Japaneee keyboards, and none that will activate emojis.
Help!! What am I missing???

In iOS 4.0 or later. There

In iOS 4.0 or later. There will be a separate choice of emoji. If you didn't find it, reboot the device once.

Spell number emoji on iPad

First of ALL I love your emoji on my iPhone 4g, so I tried putting it in my iPad. BUT do not care for it. So I am trying to remove the globe from my keyboard and can't seem to remove it even though I did removed it from the settings! HELP
Thank you! I give you Five stars for the iPhone

Keep the app, spell number

Keep the app, spell number will enable emoji keyboard on iOS 4.2

Decimal space

Tried to set up decimal space but it won't work, is there a trick other than just selecting "2" in the setting?

Set the mode to "FIXED"

Set the mode to "FIXED"