Calc XT for iPad 1.1 Preview

Calc XT for iPad 1.1

- Label Tapes
- Multiple memos
- Left or right hand side memo


Comments :

How to erase calc memory

Hello, could you advise me how to erase memory (M) in your Calc XT? I couldnt find any button for this, neither worked holding M button, nor double tapping.



Hi AC->Min Actually store a



Actually store a zero to the memory will clear the 'M' label.

Contact Us captcha error

Hello Water,
I am sorry to use this way to communicate with u.

In contact us page, the image captcha is malfunction so that I can't reach u by email.

Would you mind to fix it or leave another contact method to me?

Sorry it is fixed.

Sorry it is fixed.

Paper tape

I was expecting the paper tape to automatically capture all the info from the calculator like a real paper tape would. Adding one line at a time is not very useful information.

Can you add a real running tape